Practices of the Web Giants
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In the US and everywhere else, the Web Giants are reinventing the way IT is done. These revolutionaries are Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, and LinkedIn, to name but a few.

Let's discover the innovative practices that make them so successful, and how they:

  • Reduce their Time To Market by using practices like Lean Startup and Continuous Deployment,
  • Address ever-growing challenges relating to increases in traffic by adopting NOSQL and Commodity Hardware technologies,
  • Maintain excellence and high-quality by applying the 2-Pizza Team principle and by keeping their teams Feature-oriented while never forgetting the importance of measurement.

This talk is aimed at anyone interested in drawing inspiration from the Giants’ business culture: marketing teams, project managers, architects, managers, IT directors, and geeks of all creeds.


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Mathieu Despriee

Mathieu is a senior architect and consultant at OCTO Technology.
He had the opportunity to work on various contexts and responsibilities:

  • Team leader in development projects
  • Large scale agile transformation
  • Architecture audits
  • Development process audit, for a transition to DevOps approaches

He is also interested in high performance and scalable architectures, and did several missions in this context:

  • State of the art in distributed transaction systems, at Amadeus
  • Hadoop POC to manipulate high volumetry streams of events, at Orange
  • Cloud storage architecture audit, at Digiposte

Mathieu is active in OCTO R&D activities around BigData and NoSQL.
He gave talks in several conferences:

Before OCTO, Mathieu had a long experience in a telecom startup company, where he built the Information System, and developed a billing system with his team.
He is graduated from a french engineering school, ENSEIRB, in 2001.