i-Surfboard 20 components in one board

IoT Surfboard is a complete device with sensors, actuators and connectivity that helps you explore the Internet of Things allowing you to read data and control home appliances via network.

IoT Surfboard

i-Surfboard Learn, teach, prototype and make

1. Learn Internet of Things

A perfect device for learning the basics of Eletronics and Arduino, how to use sensors, programming, robotics, home automation, explore the Internet of things and much more.

2. Teach at Schools and Universities

A set of sensors and actuators that allows you to teach the basics of eletronics, engineering, programming, and even fashion courses since the wearable computing is becoming reality.

3. Prototype Ideas and Products

There are several possibilities of customizing the sensors, creating code to extend the functionality through its various connectors so you can develop functional prototypes to validate your ideas and test your product.

4. Make Commercial Products

The IoT Surfboard was created and tested to be used in real and commercial products. You can create your prototype with the board and afterwards we can customize a special edition containing only the components you need.

Technical Specifications

The IoT Surfboard is plug-and-play, once connected via USB to your computer, Raspberry Pi or Intel Edison you can quickly write your programs using different programming languages to read sensors and control actuators such as relays to turn on and off your home appliances or office equipments.

With few lines of code you can create your own breathalyzer, automate your fan according to the temperature, control engines or even a robot. Some amazing examples of what you can easily implement with your Surfboard:

  • Turn off the fan if the temperature drops
  • Turn on and off anything over the internet
  • Use an old infrared remote control to turn on or off anything connected to the surfboard
  • Change the Surfboard LED color depending on the traffic around
  • Control your home by Twitter
  • Create a robot with Bluetooth + Android
  • Integrate the Surfboard with Raspberry Pi or Intel Edison
  • Create your own breathalyzer
  • Create an irrigation system for your garden

IoT Surfboard Starter Kit

The IoT Surfboard comes ready to use with all components in it and also loaded firmware for easy access to all of them.

This kit includes:

  • The black IoT Surfboard
  • Alcohol, temperature, humidity and light sensors
  • Infrared emitter and receiver
  • Speaker
  • Relay
  • Arduino Nano
  • USB Cable
  • Source of 9 volts
  • All functional connectors
  • Doesn’t include ZibBee, WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Java, Python, C# and JavaScript APIs
  • Online training: IoT Surfboard 101
  • IoT Surfing Service: application that recognizes your board automatically when you plug the surfboard to your computer and exposes all the sensors to the internet
Picture: IoT Surfboard empty box

IoT Surfboard empty box

Online training: learning with the creators

We are creating several online courses for you to learn how to use your IoT Surfboard for the Internet of Things and also several tutorials, webinars and posts about that.

The local community will have access to the first 125 boards sold now in October and early November. Several people are already starting to create their projects, teach others and creating the IoT Surfing Community.

We’ll soon be offering:

  • The IoT Surfboard basics for the Internet of Things
  • Basic Eletronic for Arduino and the Internet of Things
  • Advanced concepts for Internet of Things

Buy your IoT Surfboard!
The crowdfunding at Catarse to enable the project was a success!



US$ 149,00

Soon you will be able to buy the kit that will enable your journey through the Internet of Things in the best do-it-yourself style.

You will still have classes with the creators of the project, to understand and get started with your IoT Surfboard.